09 June 2007

Family Frisbee at the Beach

Last weekend we had a great time with mom, Larry and Ty (and Manh!). Of the many awesome things we did (including but not limited to eating điểm xấm, stuffing ourselves with boba, pizza night, driving around for an hour looking for our hotel at 1:00 am, etc), frisbee at the beach will probably be the longest lasting memory. Maybe because of the bruises. Or maybe hitting the guy's truck while he was sitting in it. Or maybe hitting the vw bus AND THEN the nice car with the alarm. Or spraying sand all over the sunbathers. Whatever reason it might be, we'll remember this trip because of the frisbee.

This weekend was reminiscent of last year when we did some serious ice blocking at Sugarhouse. Here's a video we put together of the event:

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