14 March 2007

Tết Pictures!!

Chúc mừng Năm mới!! Cung chúc Tân xuân! Happy belated New Year! (can we even say that?) We've been so busy with our other projects that we haven't been able to organize these pictures until now. Now we've finally finished, or at least we're not going to work on it anymore. Now that we've got our condo cleaned up (kind of), we're refocusing. Life is much better with a little less chaos and a little more order. We're now focusing our efforts on the next-of-many items on our to-do list: Planting our own herb garden. California just went through a state of emergency and we were going without fruit for several weeks. Herbs might not exactly equate fruit, but it's a step (we don't have room to grow fruit trees, anyway).

Everyone have a great one and we hope you enjoy our Tết pictures! (click the link below to view:)


Truong's Pictures

Derick Le's Pictures

Jason Boulanger's Pictures

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