16 February 2007

Life update

What a beautiful day today! That little image on the left is the weather we had this afternoon. Quite a contrast to the snow in Utah. We've both been quite busy as of late, hence the break in entries. Mai Vi has been running to and fro (as always), trying to balance work and school and family, and doing a great job (as always). This is the first time she's faced a full load at school in a very long time, and it's proving to be very full indeed. Ben is on the verge of recovering from the last election held on Feb 6th and is looking forward to more time at work to develop the meager Access database he created for recruiting Vietnamese election volunteers. UPDATE: Put a TBA on the recovery part, the Registrar announced that there will be a recount. Yeah, more overtime!

The next project is re-flooring the condo. We've had this in mind since we bought this place last year, but we've just never had the chance (or the money). We still don't have the money, but my dad said he'll come lay the floor if we buy. Woohoo! We figured that was the sign we needed. The carpet is quite old anyway, and very hot in the summer. We ordered the materials last night, now we just need the dad. Here's an idea of what we're hoping for (just the floor, not the other fancy stuff).

Tết đã đến! No matter how hard we try, we always get pulled into some kind of involvement with the annual Tết festival. Come to think about it, if we really didn't want to help out, we'd probably try a bit harder. hehe Anyway, it is upon us again. Tomorrow is the opening day of the 3-day festival, fortunately overlapping the actual Lunar New Year which falls on Feb 18th this calendar. No matter what they have us doing this year, it will be a fun (tiring, but fun) experience. One year it rained like crazy and everything turned to mud... and we still worked!

Well, that's about all for now. Hope to keep in touch little more frequently.


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