22 January 2007

So, how's married life?

Thanks to everyone who so diligently trudged through our infant website, with all of its broken links, confusing twists and turns and extremely long slideshows. Many more thanks to those who actually told us what needed improvement, whether through the guestbook or email. We are working on it: so far, we've updated two of the four picture sites (Đám Cưới Cali - California Wedding ; Đám Cưới Utah - Utah Wedding) to a much more visually-appealing format, fixed several minor bugs that probably most of you don't notice but drove us nuts (like who brought Mai Vi out during the Đám Hỏi, bố or mẹ), and added an enhanced sidebar to navigate the whole website and a links page that's pretty bomb. That's it. More updates are on their way, but Mai Vi started school this week and Ben has another election in two weeks, so everything besides bathroom stops are on hold. Thanks again to all who helped review the site and gave us their comments. It's your site, too!

See the title? Yes, the one that says "So, how's married life?" We have heard that so many times since July. We didn't realize that there's so many ways of phrasing 'how's married life,' but it seems to grow by the day. After careful analysis, we have concluded that this phrase is more of a cliche than anything, a catch-all phrase that expresses feelings of happiness and excitement. We're guessing that when we talk to friends, the first thing they remember about us is, 'OH! They just got married!' and hence the inquiry into our 'married life.' We never know how to answer - it usually comes out something like this: "Um.. good." How does one express the joy and "completeness" of being united with your best friend, with someone who has already become part of you, with your other half? Being married is not the burden that is ofttimes portrayed in the media and society at large. Rather it is the pinnacle of a relationship, the time and place when walls are broken down and where lives and dreams intersect. We had no idea how good life can be... until now. And we're still learning. So in answer to the infamous question, perhaps the best answer is "Perfect." People aren't perfect, but two people who are giving everything they have and are to each other is pretty darn close.

And the best part is, when our friends get married and we feel so happy and excited for them and just don't know how to express ourselves, we realize after the words have escaped our mouths what we just said: "So, how's married life?"


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